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One of the really heartening and unexpected things that has happened following the announcement of Hull FC’s initiative to support the Teenage Cancer Trust as its Charity of the Year, has been the decision of employees of a substantial local employer to adopt our charity as their charity.  We have also heard that local schools are holding events to raise money for the Teenage Cancer Trust.

We all want Rugby Tackling Teenage Cancer to be a huge success.

Can you help?

Do you work for an employer that encourages involvement with a charity?  Does your employer match any funds that employees can raise for a charity?

If you are not working at present, perhaps you have some time to be able to do something for the Teenage Cancer Trust (remember that involvement in a charity looks good on a CV!)

If you are a teacher or a student, your school may be willing to arrange events to raise money for the Teenage Cancer Trust through Rugby Tackling Teenage Cancer.  Local schools have raised money by having non-uniform days, concerts, fashion shows and sponsored silences.

The special TCT strip in action
The special TCT strip in action Hull FC v Doncaster

You might be able to persuade your pub or club to do something.

Can you raise funds from sponsorship for running?  Perhaps you would consider parachuting or abseiling or some other daring challenge.  If so, it would be brilliant if you would let us add any funds you are able to raise, to Rugby Tackling Teenage Cancer.

We expect Rugby Tackling Teenage Cancer to spread throughout the Super league and Rugby Union over the next few years.

It started in Hull and we are proud of that.  Please do whatever you can to help.

Please contact Jon Flatman, the General Manager of Hull FC Foundation with your ideas.  His numbers are 01482 304969 or 077389 18938 and he would love to be overworked because of so many ideas!!

He will liaise with local organisers and we will all work together to make this a success.

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