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The story so far (updated 20 January 2012)

TCT in the East Riding

The Story of how MsMM started and how it is continuing to develop. By Sheila Brazier

It seems a long time since June 2002 when we had our first gig in the garden, hoping our friends would enjoy our acoustic music concert, and raising “a bit” of money for the Teenage Cancer Trust (TCT).  We named this “Midsummer Music Madness” because it was summer and it was definitely madness to plan a back garden event in view of England’s fickle weather!  Please see our website to see where this has led.

Although our plans to have a second concert the next year were curtailed because of a local objection, this proved to be the catalyst for our event to be moved to Brantingham Park, the home of our local Rugby Union club Hull Ionians – thus leading to Rugby Tackling Teenage Cancer.

We could never have anticipated how our “Madness” could have evolved, and how Rugby Tackling Teenage Cancer could be a significant fund-raiser for the Teenage Cancer Trust.

Hull FC recognised the significance of Rugby Tackling Teenage Cancer and invited us to become their charity of the year in 2009.  This raised several thousand pounds for the charity, but perhaps more importantly, the profile of the Teenage Cancer Trust.

Rugby Tackle

Their manufacturer for their strip and clothing, an Australian company ISC, were so impressed by Rugby Tackling Teenage Cancer that they provided, for no charge, a special strip for the charity game at Doncaster.  Subsequently, these have been auctioned to raise money for the charity or have been used by our friends running marathons (including the Marathon des Sables – definitely not for the feint-hearted) or at other events.  Please see for some of the unusual uses of our “roving away strip”.

The special Hull FC 'TCT' strip

We have no doubt that Rugby Tackling Teenage Cancer will spread throughout Superleague within a few years.

Our friends in the Freemasons in Beverley have continued to support our efforts and develop their aim to raise many thousands of pounds for the Teenage Cancer Trust.

Their Ice Ball has become a leading social event and has raised many thousands of pounds.  The “Ice” in this case is a diamond which has been supplied by a local jeweller and has been an amazing prize in a lucky dip.

Auctions held during our concerts have always been a talking point.  Ranging from tickets for Top Gear and the Millionaire programme to tea at the House of Commons with our MP and meals at top London restaurants, they have increased our profits very considerably.  We accept the challenge to continue to provide unique and entertaining auction items!  Your ideas are always welcome.

We are fortunate to have developed links with Hull College and other schools and colleges in the area and are very grateful for the help students have given us.  The Teenage Cancer Trust’s Education Officer is a very welcome visitor who visits each month to advise the students about Teenage Cancer Trust’s health work and lumps and bumps.  Lives have been saved!

The Teenage Cancer Trust exists to address the particular problems of teenage cancer sufferers, recognising that being treated in a children’s ward or alongside the elderly in adults’ wards is not conducive to their well-being.  The idea is to return as much control as possible to the teenagers, involving them in the management of their disease and their environment. The specialist units are designed for, and partly by teenagers - where young people can be together and have fun, as well as being given the best possible medical treatment.  The cost of each unit is well over £1,000,000.  The unit, which covers our area, is at St James’ (Jimmy’s) in Leeds.

Since 2002, our no 1 ambition has been to have a local facility so that young sufferers of the Big C may not have to travel to Leeds to have all their treatment.  We have always wanted to have the local facility so that this could provide some respite.  We were told that this could not happen and that we must accept that St James (Jimmy’s) at Leeds would always be the centre of excellence.

We are proud to announce the opening of “our” ward at Castle Hill Hospital at Cottingham.

This is the only annexe to a main unit in the country and will be closely monitored to determine how sharing care (sharing the care of young Big C sufferers between a local facility and a main unit) will work.  It will make a huge difference and has only happened because of the interest and action by local organisations in the area.

Our popular radio station, Viking FM, celebrated its silver anniversary and raised £80K towards the new ward at Castle Hill.  This is fabulous. They continue to support the Teenage Cancer Trust.

Since our ward was opened and reported in the local media, we have been approached by organisations wishing to support the Teenage Cancer Trust.

The Rotary Club of Hull has chosen the Teenage Cancer Trust as their charity for the 2012 Humber Bridge Half Marathon and Fun Run which takes place on Sunday 24th June.   We look forward to this and the publicity this will give us. For details of this event please see:

We have also been invited to be one of the charities to be supported by the proceeds of the prestigious Classics in The Park at Brantingham Park on Saturday 14th July. The local ward is focusing attention.

We are planning another Midsummer Music Madness concert for Saturday 21st July 2012.  This will be at the Hull Rugby Union Football Club in Chanterlands Avenue in Hull – more central and convenient for more people. Will Richardson, the founder of Hunsley Acoustic Music (now in its 16th year), is planning the music and we are amazed by the generosity of the musicians who have promised to entertain for their minimum fee, such is their respect for Will and the charity. Tickets may be bought on line by following the links on the msmm website through Hunsley Acoustic Music (HAM) to Ticket Source, or from the organisers from the beginning of May.

Many wonderful and inspirational things have happened since “Madness” was initially conceived.  Amongst these we have to mention Ellen MacArthur, a friend of a friend. “Taking on the World” seems like a very good place to start.  . We feel certain that MIDSUMMER MUSIC MADNESS and RUGBY TACKLING TEENAGE CANCER will make a difference for many years to come.

Thank you for reading this – welcome on board


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